About Us

Stephen P. Maguire, Esq. -- I have been practicing law since 1997, and concentrating on Social Security Disability claims since 2001. I am a Rhode Island native: a graduate of LaSalle Academy, 1981; the University of Rhode Island, 1988; and the Roger Williams University School of Law, 1996.

I had experience in many areas of the law before beginning my concentration on Disability Law as a social security lawyer. That came once I saw the impact on real people that these important benefits have – often the difference between homelessness and having a reasonably stable and secure place to live.

I worked for one of the big disability law firms for a while, but I decided in 2002 that the best way for me to help people with these important claims was in a smaller setting where every claim can get my personal attention. I’ve kept my practice becoming too big because clients who have come to me from some of those other settings have told me they got better service here. Your claim deserves to be a big part of something small; not a small part of something big.

Attorney Stephen P. Maguire is a social security disability lawyer licensed in RI, MA and CT.

Brittany J. Muirhead -- I joined Maguire Disability Law in May 2011. I grew up in Massachusetts, and graduated from Suffolk University, in Boston, in 2008. I graduated from Roger Williams University School of Law in May 2012. I developed a passion for Disability Law because I have already seen the difference I can make in people’s lives. My experience working with Attorney Maguire has already helped many people who had worked hard and earned Social Security Benefits, but were denied access to them. Helping get those people through that struggle has inspired me.

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