Application Process

Applying for disability on your own can be frustrating. Our office concentrates in Social Security Disability Law. We are familiar with the Application process and protocol used by the reviewing case managers. We give your file personal attention and professional commitment, requesting and submitting your medical information for you and following the status of your application through the administrative process.

A Difficult Process That’s Becoming More Difficult Every Day

The Social Security Administration evaluates your initial application through a State agency, called Disability Determination Services. Unfortunately, this process takes 4-6 months and often results in a denial. National statistics released annually by the Social Security Administration show that in 2009, only 37% of all Disability claims were approved at the initial level of review. In 2010, the allowance rate at the initial level fell to 35%, and it fell again to 34% in 2011.

Your first Appeal is called a Request for Reconsideration, which is again decided Disability Determination Services. This can take another 4-6 months. In 2009, only 14% of all Request for Reconsideration were approved at this second level of review. In 2010, the allowance rate at the Reconsideration level fell to 13%, and it fell again to 12% in 2011.

If you are denied twice, you have a RIGHT to have your claim for Disability Benefits reviewed by an Administrative Law Judge. The wait for a Hearing can take an additional 12 months. In 2009, Social Security Administration reported that 63% of all claims that went through a Hearing were approved. In 2010, only 62% were approved; and the allowance rate fell again in 2011 to 58%. There is real pressure on the system leading to unfair denials of claims that should be allowed.

Get Help Early In The Process

Some firms handle claims only at the Hearing level. My Office is with you for your entire journey through the Social Security Administration claims process. We are committed to helping you with your application, obtaining medical records and opinion forms for the Disability Determination Services, and filing any necessary Appeals. We do not give up until we PREVAIL

We believe that representation early in the process gives you the best chance to be among the claims that are awarded Benefits without having to go all the way through to a Hearing, saving you time and money.